Software Eats Healthcare, For Dummies

Thoughts from Alex Danco

One day, software will have eaten healthcare. That day has not come yet, but it will. And it’ll come just in time. 
First of all, what do we mean when we say “software eats ___”? What it doesn’t mean is, ‘take existing industry, add software’. Software eats the hotel industry doesn’t look like the Hilton app, it looks like Airbnb. Software eats payroll doesn’t look like the ADP website, it looks like Zenefits. When software eats an industry, the software isn’t actually what matters most; the exciting parts are the new business models that emerge.
So when we talk about software eating healthcare, we’re not actually talking about health apps, telemedicine, or internet doctors. They might be neat, but they mostly miss the point. We’re talking about software accelerating our transition towards new healthcare business models that have lower costs and better outcomes. It hasn’t…

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